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Learn how to twist, forward fold, and do cat-cow in yoga

To some folks this might sound crazy, but never-fear! Mindfulness is yoga's middle name.

You will learn how to move wisely and understand the cautions behind how you can approach twists, forward folds, and the oft-maligned cat-cow in your yoga classes when you have osteoporosis or low bone density.

You will walk away with self-knowledge and confidence in understanding the mechanisms of these movements and how to modify according to your own needs.

And most importantly how to work with these functional movements off the mat!

Join me live to practice what I'm teaching - or just come to watch - and get your questions answered.

We're going to just cover one concept each session: March 19th - twists; March 26 - forward folds; April 2 - cat-cow


March 19, 2024

March 26, 2024

April 2, 2024
9:30am Pacific Time

What's included?

  • ~30 minute FREE lessons
  • Demonstration and insights to apply to your practice
  • LIVE Q&A

These are experiential free lessons!

The recording of the lesson (of just me - you will not be on the recording) will be sent to you via email if you've signed up through this form and also shared on the Vital Bones Facebook page .

​"Super helpfull!" ~ attendee

Mary Beth Ray

Yoga Therapist

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