Yoga for the Care of Your Spine

Tuesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm

with Mary Beth Ray

at Berkeley Yoga Center

2121 Bonar Street, Studio C,
Berkeley, CA 94702

"Nothing can be forced, receptivity is everything."
~ B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

The nuanced approach of Viniyoga breath-centered yoga practices recognizes that the breath is intimately connected to the spine.

With the repetition of simple movements with the breath, exploration of alignment, visualization, curiosity, and meditation we increase attentiveness, confidence, build resilience and reduce stress to allow equanimity to occur.

Finding relief and clarity in the spine provides space in the chest and abdomen for our organs and integrates awareness and sensations throughout the entire body.

Nourishing the spine, you may reduce back pain and learn how the whole body breathes.

Monthly themes in Yoga for the Care of Your Spine will focus on topics that support balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, range of motion, mindset, etc. acknowledging the interconnected aspects of our human system (body, breath, mind, behavior, emotions, & spirit.)

You are encouraged to be kind to yourself. Everything can be adapted to meet your individual needs and capacities.

Drop-in fee is $22

Class Passes (does not need to be consecutive classes):
4 class pass for $74
8 class pass for $138

16 class pass for $266
* No one turned away for lack of funds. Contact Mary Beth at or call/text at 510-387-6211

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